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What Makes the Textura Digital Canvas Unique?

In a world where digital screens are integral to every aspect of our lives, we often seek innovation in the way we interact with technology and in how we experience visual content. The Textura digital canvas provides a unique approach to digital screens, setting itself apart from conventional TVs and other types of displays. But what is it that makes Textura so unique? What sets it apart from other digital screens? Let’s find out!

About the Textura Digital Canvas

The main difference is the texture accuracy of the Textura digital canvas. Vieunite have developed texture-accurate display technology that preserves surface finishes and enhances the details of artwork, replicating lifelike textures. But how is this achieved?

Surface Treatment

Textura has a surface treatment that offers a matte finish with an optimised haze. This means that, when content is being displayed, there are no external reflections or glare and it truly feels like you are looking at a piece of artwork displayed in a gallery. Textura’s surface treatment gives a feel of a genuine canvas, providing a tactile experience that you can’t achieve with standard digital screens and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

You Have Full Control

Not only do you have full control of what is being displayed and when, the blacklight used on the Textura digital canvas can also be fully controlled with the Vieunite app. No matter the lighting levels, you can manually increase or decrease the backlight brightness of your Textura. This means that whether the Textura is installed in a brightly lit space or a darker room you can achieve the effect of the display not looking like a screen.

Optimised to Display Art & Photos

Unlike other digital screens, Textura is optimised to display traditional and digital artwork, as well as your personal photos and videos. With the surface treatment used and the backlight control, you can truly replicate the look of a canvas and create the perfect addition to your smart home.

Differences from TVs and Digital Screens:

Textura is not just a TV that can display art. It was designed specifically for this purpose, with technology that enhances the content displayed and features that maximise the user experience. Instead of just a digital frame, Textura is a piece of home decoration that can truly transform your living spaces by becoming a focal point.

Authentic Artistic Feel

Thanks to the texture-accurate display technology and surface treatment the Textura digital canvas, unlike traditional TVs and digital screens, provides a more authentic artistic feel by creating an organic and natural viewing experience, bridging the gap between digital and physical art.

Aesthetic Integration

Textura was not only designed to respect and accurately replicate the artist’s vision but also to seamlessly blend into various environments. It’s all about showcasing the art. With a 27″ screen and customisable high quality wooden frames, available in pine, birch, walnut, or a sleek black finish, it effortlessly complements any interior design, making it an integral part of your décor.

Seamless Installation

Textura features a flat white power cable that can even be hidden in the wall, creating a clutter-free and visually appealing environment. Installation, which can be done in both portrait or landscape orientation, is made incredibly easy, giving you a truly seamless, professional-looking setup. Additionally, switching between orientations can be easily done within seconds, ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite art in both portrait and landscape.

Art Library and Personal Album

One of the most exciting aspects of the Textura digital canvas is the vast art library and growing online community. As an art enthusiast you can choose from an extensive collection of artworks to display, transforming your space into your own art gallery. Textura can also be used to display personal videos and photos; you can create your own photo album and display it on your wall, showcasing special moments with loved ones.


The Textura digital canvas represents a remarkable leap forward in visual display technology. Its unique surface treatment, able to replicate surface textures perfectly, sets it apart from conventional TVs and other digital screens. By seamlessly merging digital art and innovative technologies, the Textura digital canvas provides an immersive and authentic viewing experience, inviting viewers to engage with digital content in a whole new way.