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Vieunite Presented at “Game on for Nature” Event

We were honoured to have had the chance to present the Vieunite platform at the recent “Game on for Nature” event organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network. This event brought together industry leaders to explore the use of gamification and technology in improving stewardship of the natural environment across the UK and globally.

Through panel discussions, workshops and demonstrations attendees explored how games and other forms of technology can be used to reconnect with nature and adapt to climate change.

Among the highlights was our team’s presentation of Vieunite, showcasing the incredible potential of combining technology and nature to enhance mental health. This presentation, led by our Marketing Director, Thomas Fraser-Bacon, and Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment at NTU and KTP project lead, Dr Yangang Xing, and was based on research and projects being conducted to explore the impact of biophilic art on the human mind and the transformative potential of technology.

The following is a recording of the session we were invited to speak at with the topics of how games and technology can have a positive impact on nature, as well as how the combination of tech and nature can relate to mental well-being: