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Vieunite Officially Launches at NTU x Vieunite Art Prize 2022 Award Ceremony

We celebrated our official launch on Saturday 22nd of October and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who attended and showed their support. The launch event, hosted at the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham, was celebrated with the announcement of the winners of the NTU x Vieunite Art Prize 2022, which explored the human connection with nature through a Biophilic theme.

Our partnership with Nottingham Trent University began last year with the goal of exploring how art can impact an individual’s mental health and wellbeing though a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme. Through this partnership we have been able to develop multiple other projects, such as PhD student program that aims to develop a blockchain/NFT platform, and the most recent NTU x Vieunite Art Prize. This art competition invited artists from all over the world to celebrate a connection with the living world through original pieces or existing artwork optimised for the Textura™ digital canvas.

This art competition was the perfect opportunity to showcase our new Textura digital canvas, which features texture-accurate display technology that replicates the true textures of artwork. From dynamic brush strokes to delicate pencil lines, visitors of this event were able to see how this technology preserves all of the details and truly brings artwork to life. Jonathan Armour, the winner of the NTU x Vieunite Art Prize 2022, stated:

Textura is very smart, very elegant-looking – I can see the texture on the screen. One of my particular passions in making digital work is to make it more visceral, my own practice goes between oil painting and digital work and I’ve got a real thing about making the pixel much more visceral. So often digital work can be a little bit cold and objective. Textura’s way of displaying it brings that out in a way that I find very enjoyable and very pleasing.”

Our aim is to revolutionise how we consume digital art on a daily basis and create a platform where people can immerse themselves on creativity and creative expressions. That is why we have created the Vieunite app, which was also presented at this event. With the app, users can quickly upload and manage the content displayed on their Textura digital canvas, and artists have access to a platform where they can share their work with art lovers from all over the world. It brings together a community of creative individuals while also giving artists a wider audience to present their work, which was something that Ke Yang, the art prize runner up, really appreciated:

“As an architect by profession, I rarely have the chance to share my photographic work with others, Vieunite gives me the opportunity to present and share my wider collection to a much bigger audience.”

This event was truly a memorable way to launch the beginning of what we are sure is going to be a long adventure full of innovation and creativity. From the Vieunite team, a massive thank you to everyone who attended and have supported us along the way!

If you missed the launch event but would like to get a look into what went down, check out this amazing video and learn about our Textura™ digital canvas: