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Vieunite Celebrates Independent Artists at Neo-Space Art Pop-Up

For the 20th anniversary of the London Design Festival, the Zero2one Project team created an art pop-up space that invited artists from far and wide to share their art and interact with each other. Titled “Neo-Space”, this event was held in SOHO, London, and celebrated independent artists from all artistic fields.

This space full of creativity and imagination was the perfect place to showcase our Textura digital canvas, where the digital artwork presented was displayed. Artists and art lovers from across the globe got the opportunity to see the texture-accurate display technology in person and explore the Vieunite app, where they can share their work and manage the content displayed on the Textura digital canvas.

From the 23rd to the 25th of September, this exhibition created an exclusive display area to celebrate the works of different artists and designers, we were extremely proud to give an early Vieunite preview at such an inclusive event.