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The Koppel Project Hosts Early Textura Digital Canvas Preview

The Virtual Digital Arts exhibition, hosted at The Koppel Project in New Bond Street by Inspirer Hub x Inconic, brought together artists from around the world to share their digital artworks and create new connections. It was based on a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) concept, which aims to create a space where everyone participates equally in the business, forming a new ecology of decentralised governance, a new way of thinking, and a better digital human coordination mechanism, which allows resources from all over the world to come together and collaborate with each other to innovate.

The exhibition aimed to unite the virtual worlds created by digital artists from around the world. With the theme of DAO, there were virtual flora and fauna, culture, environment and other factors, in order to explore the new ecology of decentralisation and bring artists together to create new connections. This event was the perfect opportunity for an early preview of our Textura, with all digital works being displayed on the digital canvas. Textura offers texture-accurate display technology that can replicate the true textures of artwork. From distinctive brush strokes to skilled pencil lines, the screen preserves all of the details and enhances them on screen, making this the ideal way to showcase the digital artworks.

From the 9th to the 25th of September, visitors were able to see the incredible work of artists from every corner of the world and experience the advanced technology of Textura in person. Not only that, but they also got familiar with the Vieunite app, where artists can share and sell their work, and art lovers can join a growing online art community.