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Textura Digital Canvas is Presented at SHBE Event

The 2022 Predictive Modeling Network for Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystem (SHBE) workshop is a Research Coordination Network (RCN) which was held in Nottingham Trent University. The event was held on the 27th to 28th of October and it aims to develop a collaborative research platform centred on overcoming bottlenecks in engineering, software and social/economic sciences that impede wider application of sustainable building technology.

The network activities focus on defining an innovative, new interdisciplinary area, “Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystem (SHBE),” that integrates human behavioural science, social and economic sciences in tandem with sciences of building design, engineering, and metrology for data validation of building energy consumption and occupant comforts.

Thanks to Professor Sun Ming and Dr. Yan’s invitation, I was able to present one of our new products called Textura, which is a digital art canvas developed by Vieunite, to great innovative minds at the workshop. Textura also acts as an all-in-one therapeutic display system with the goal of improving peoples’ mental-health and well-being by recommending biophilic artworks to please their emotional state. I was able to show the results from the first stage of the project which classifies biophilic artworks into biophilic attributes. 

I also want to use this medium to appreciate both the project academic team at NTU (Dr. Yangang Xing, Dr. Jordan Bird, Professor Ahmad Lotfi, Dr. Benedict Carpenter van Barthold, Dr. Andrew Knight, Dr. Alexander Sumich, and Mrs. Carolyn Thomas) and the industrial team at Vieunite (Dr. Baoli Zhao, Mrs. Jing Dong, Mr. Yang Zhou) for making this project a reality.